What Your Donation Will Buy

I am walking 4,000 miles around the coast of the UK to raise awareness of Pete Dwan’s Drug Free Kids campaign.

The purpose of the Drug Free Kids Campaign is to reach 9-11 year old kids before the dealers do and empower them with true facts about drugs.

NO child should miss out on this vital education. It provides them with an understanding of drugs that stacks the odds in favour of them making the right, informed choices to stay drug free

This is done by giving talks to groups of children in schools. Pete has been delivering these powerful talks for many years but he simply cannot reach every child in every school. Inevitably then many children would miss out on an education that is vital in an age plagued by drugs.

To solve the problem, a DVD has been made of his talk and I am seeking to raise funds that will enable every school to be supplied with at least one copy. One DVDS on this powerful drugs talk used year after year can on its own reach many children.

The second component of this campaign is to fund training seminars that Peter can give to teachers and thus empower them to reach many children with this vital educational message to teachers so they can give the talks themselves.

The potential for reaching many children swiftly and very cost-effectively is obvious but it all depends on you and your generosity. We can’t do it without your help.

Your donation will help make all this happen! And for every £1 donated, roughly TWO children can be reached with truths that will empower and protect them.

A Breakdown of Costs

A DVD of the talk sent to ONE primary school costs £8

Each £1,000 donated sends 125 schools a DVD of the talk reaching 7,500 kids per year
Each £5,000 donated sends 625 schools a DVD of the talk reaching 37,500 kids per year
Each £10,000 donated sends 1,250 schools a DVD of the talk reaching 75,000 kids per year

To reach 1 million kids per year with DVD s would cost £133,336

Teacher Training Seminars

To fully train a teacher is a one-off cost of £120 per teacher and that teacher can then reach roughly 60 children per year, often for many years thereafter AT NO FURTHER COST.
To train 10 teachers costs £1,200 reaching 600 kids every year
To train 100 teachers costs £12,000 reaching 6000 kids every year
To train 1000 teachers costs £120,000 reaching 60,000 kids every year

To reach 1 million kids through trained teachers EVERY YEAR would cost £2,000,000

So please give your financial support to the Drug Free Kids campaign. Every donation, large or small, makes a difference. Help us reach the kids before the dealers do and create a brighter, less anxious future for us all.


Drug Free Kids talk

Pete in action

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