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Organising a sponsored walk is very simple:

  • Get together with your friends or classmates (it’s more fun if you do it as a team).Decide where, when and how far your walk will be.

  • Tell everybody (friends, relatives and so on) about it. Make sure you tell them the PURPOSE for which you are raising funds, which is to help Pete Dwan’s crusade to make sure no child has his or her life ruined by drugs by giving every child in the country the true facts about drugs. You can refer people to this website or to The Campaign for Drug Free Kids website if they want more information.

  • Get people to sponsor you at an amount they can afford. Each person in your team can use our sponsorship form, which you can download here

  • When you have completed your walk, collect up the amounts people have promised and donate the money to Peter’s campaign.  If you are a minor you will need to have a responsible adult help you with this. Details of how to donate the money you have raised will be released shortly so keep checking back here for more information.

Walk with me

I would really love it if your sponsored walk could be with me when I reach your area.

So for example if you live in or near Skegness, you and your co-walkers can join me when I reach the Skegness seafront and walk along with me for a few miles of my route.

When I am on my own mega-walk you will be able to keep track of my progress through the updates that will appear at least once a day on this site, on the Walk the Kingdom Facebook page and on my Twitter posts. So subscribe to this site using the pop-up box for email updates or hook up with me on Facebook or Twitter

That way, once my walk is in progress you will be able to see where I am each day and have good prediction on when I will reach your area. I will have a mobile phone and computer tablet with me so you will be able to reach me by email or phone or by leaving comments on my posts. Just email me first for my phone number. My email address is walkthekingdom2015@gmail.com.

If I am in an area where I cannot get a signal, I will phone my team back home by landline each time I reach a town or village and they will post updates for me.

If you and your friends decide to do a sponsored walk to help us, we will be pleased to hear from you and we will do our utmost to promote your effort on our daily updates and posts. So email us and let us know your plans! Believe me, Peter and I will very much appreciate your help. Everyone who walks along with me will receive a special certificate and a memento of the occasion and I’ll be publishing lots of photos and video clips of the kind people I meet along the way.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you! My walk is going to be long and hard so I’ll probably need your smiling face to cheer me up and keep me going!

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