Me with the Lord Provost of Edinburgh this afternoon


This was a big day!

My good friend Mike Phillips, who has voluntarily taken on the unenviable task of being my press officer, has pulled off two coups this week.

First he got me an interview live on BBC Radio Scotland and then he worked very hard with the Lord Provost’s press officer, Kate Allison, to arrange for the Lord Provost to greet me as I walked up Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in a symbolic completion of my first thousand miles.

So at 4pm I trudged symbolically up the Royal Mile from the parliament Building (uphill I might add) and then I saw that a cameraman was filming me as I approached the City Chambers where the Lord Provost was waiting. The cameraman introduced himself as being from Scottish Television and then filmed me some more.

Having never done this sort of thing before, I wasn’t sure whether to smile at the camera or act as if it was not there, so I decided to do what actors do in films and act as if it wasn’t there. Which is easier said than done.

Outside the City Chambers the Lord Provost was waiting along with a press photographer.
We exchanged pleasantries and the Lord Provost gave me the gift of a badge of the city and after we talked some more, he took me by surprise by inviting me in for tea and biscuits and another chat. I felt very honoured.

The inside of the City Chambers is gorgeous as one would expect.

The Lord Provost, the Edinburgh equivalent of London’s Lord Mayor is a very likeable and sincere man. He is a former teacher himself and very familiar with the drugs problem in schools. He also understands what we are trying to do and why and is very supportive. I enjoyed talking with him so much I would happily have stayed longer but he is a very busy man and I really appreciate him taking the time out of his schedule to greet me and show much such hospitality. He even insisted I take a load of biscuits away with me!

So to Kate Allison and her boss, the Lord a Provost I would like to extend my sincere thanks for their help and support. This really does motivate me to keep going and complete the next 1000 miles!

Pete Dwan and I will be recording a radio show tonight with Roger Landry of the Liberty Beacon and tomorrow I walk to the Forth Bridge and cross into Fife.

See you on the road!

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