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Walk the Kingdom Day 55. AND ON THE 55th DAY THOU SHALT REST . . .

I took a complete rest today, having made the startling discovery that walking 850 miles in under 8 weeks can be a bit tiring. I guess everyone needs a day off once in a while and I!ve been going at it for many weeks. My body has been feeling the strain of the incessant walking – with a 15 kilo load on my back into the bargain – so I think a day of NOT walking will do me good. And not carrying 15 kilos on my back as well.

It is a funny thing that my muscles have gotten so used to carrying that load and compensating for its shifts, stresses and the way it alters my balance that when I take it off I walk for a while as if I am drunk. I thought I had something wrong with me at first!

Having said all that About taking time off I have used the respite to catch up on my admin. I have tidied up the wording of much of my website and also set up a page on GoFundMe (see earlier on my timeline) which a very kind lady has kick-started with a £10 donation. So, THANK YOU Judith Archdale!

I have also set up a Just Giving page which is pending approval and hopefully will go live shortly.

I now have a very kind supporter who runs an IT company who has offered to help with bulk emailing so that means that very shortly an email will go out to 20,000 schools, if it hasn’t already, promoting the free music competition being sponsored by our friends at LMC Music (see the video on the home page of my website “Hi, My Name is Jack”).

Soon we will also have a strategy in place for a more efficient contacting of the press so that we can raise higher the profile of this adventure.

Several people have kindly volunteered to help with emailing and this is much appreciated. While the bulk emailing is being taken care of there will be more targeted emailing needed for which their help will be priceless.

The highly prestigious Go Outdoors company have generously donated a very expensive high-quality pair of boots. These have been delivered to my home and will be gotten to me shortly. I really really appreciate this help and you will hear more about my spanking new set of boots and their generous donors as this adventure progresses.

Words cannot express my gratitude for the support I have received from hoteliers and B and B owners. Their help is thoroughly helping me get through this. The walking day in and day out, at my age, is turning out to be very tough and faced with the rigours of also having to sleep rough each night, I doubt whether I could have contended with two challenges rolled into one. Not only that, I have genuinely liked every single person who has put me up and it is a big regret that each day I have to move on, having just gotten to know some really good people. When this venture is over, I will be in touch again and that’s a promise.

In fact I had a bright idea you might like. As donations come in, the first priority will be to finance providing the schools with the drugs-talk DVDs. I thought it might be nice to invite all the people who have put me up and other major contributors to nominate a school they would like the DVD to go to. These would then be given priority for the first batch of copies. I’d appreciate your feedback on this idea.

While trudging along the road that never ends I’ve not quite had the spark to write the poetry I had planned to do but little by little I have been working on the plot of another novel, which hopefully I’ll write when I get home, whenever that is exactly. I’m thinking of dedicating it to all those kind people who have showed me so much hospitality. If it sells as well as my other books, I should make at least enough to fill my car with petrol.

Well, having had a rest today, I will be back ready to attack the road tomorrow and as ever I will keep you posted on how it goes.

See you on the road!

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