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This Week’s Drug Free Kids Radio Show

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Episode #11: Doing Something About It – Hosted by Steve Cook, who is a writer, TLB Radio talk show host and the Sr. Editor of TLB UK.

Steve’s guest this week is the British martial arts champion and founder of the Drug Free Kids Campaign, Pete Dwan.

In this week’s lively show, Steve’s guest and founder of the Drug Free Kids campaign, Pete Dwan, gives an update on how the campaign is going and the latest developments in the ongoing crusade to bring the truth about drugs to the world’s children.

We hear about some of the wonderful feedback Pete is getting as a result of his talks to children in schools, how much teachers are inspired and heartened by them and the increasing interest and desire to help he is getting from the society at large.

That interest is now spreading outside the English speaking world, with the possibility on the horizon now of Pete’s talk being translated into Greek.

Pete and Steve go over the purpose of the campaign, its importance to the future of our civilization and its potential for making a massive positive impact.

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