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The Drug Free Kids Campaign – Reaching the Kids before the Dealers do

My purpose with this walk of the British coast is to help the Drug Free Kids campaign. This campaign was founded by the former British Thai Boxing champion and leading drug educator Peter Dwan.

My enthusiastic support for Drug Free Kids springs from my conviction that this educational approach it is the way forward if we wish to win the war on drugs.

That conviction derives from Peter’s track record of success as a drug educator and the design of his campaign, which will enable that successful message to be brought quickly to the nation’s children at extremely low cost, removing the barriers and slows usually put in the road of effective reform by economic constraints.

You can find out about the Drug Free Kids campaign in more detail at Please help me support this vitally important attack one he threat the drugs problem poses to our kids by making a donation now.

And here is more about Pete Dwan and his work:

Peter Dwan, the Urban Warrior

Pete is a former British Thai Boxing champion who now devotes his life to giving talks about drugs to the nation’s children. His purpose is to empower them to make the right choices about drugs and remain drug free.

His method of bringing the truth about drugs to children is truly ground-breaking. It consistently receives enthusiastic response and leaves a deep, lasting impression -on children and adults alike – wherever he goes and points the way forward to bringing effective drug education to all the nation’s children. An effective method of educating the young about drugs that arms them with the knowledge they can relate to, understand and use to make THEIR OWN decision not to use drugs. gives us the means to roll back and eventually eliminate the drugs menace. See this preview from one of his talks:

Over the last 6 years, at this writing,Peter has talked to over 61 thousand people across the UK and a recent after-talk survey of 300 teachers returned a 100% (that’s right, one hundred percent) positive response.

One teacher said: “As a teacher you have empowered me to get to the basic facts and relay them. I’ve seen forests of drug programs that achieved only a fraction of what you did in an hour. Thank you!”

So the teachers as well as the children get a great deal from Pete’s presentations. You can see more examples of such testimonials on Peter’s own website here24-IMG_9841

and can find out more about Peter, his drug education work and see video previews of his talks at

Yet clearly there is a limit to what one man can do on his own and he needs our help and support to spread the message faster and wider so that no child misses out on this vital education.

My aim is to help raise the funds that will enable Pete to:

  • Get drug education presentations into every school in the country, whether through his talks in person or through DVDs of his talks.

  • Carry out projects to bring drug education to every region of the UK.

  • Deliver workshops across the country that will train parents and teachers in how to successfully deal with the subject of drugs when talking to their children and thus, in effect, create an army of drug educators.

Today’s children do indeed become tomorrow’s adults and what shape those adults are in, whether they are impaired by drugs or are free of them – and indeed what shape the safe_imagecountry is in – depends in large measure on what we do here and now with the knowledge at our disposal.

We have a chance to ensure the current generation of young people are armed with knowledge that will protect them. Let’s make good use of it.

Please join me!

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