Sponsoring the Walk

Your sponsorship donation provides the funds that make my fundraising walk possible so if you would like to help me get this show on the road, then please use the secure “donate” button below. Alternatively, if you would simply like to donate directly to Peter Dwan’s drug education work, then use the button on the “Donate”page.

I would like to return your generosity by promoting my sponsors on this site, my blog and social media updates so once you have made your sponsorship donation, please do email me with your details and a link to your website or similar web page. The email address is walkthekingdom2015@gmail.com.

If you prefer not to donate online, then please email me so we can make the necessary arrangement.

So here is the button for sponsorship donations

Major Sponsors

You’ll see that Walk the Kingdom’s major sponsor is now  Lingua Franca (French-to-English and English-to-French translations by a highly qualified and experienced translator). This is my wife’s company. I decided that it is fair and right to list her as my sponsor for the very good reason that her hard work and moral and financial support is making this project possible.

While we both have every confidence in the generosity of people and their readiness to support such a worthy cause, we have decided that we should set a good example from the outset and put our money where our mouth is: the walk will go ahead come hell or high water and this means that if no other sponsor jumps in and relieves her of the burden, then the financial risk alone will be considerable.

Naturally, if one or two companies do step up to the plate and relieve us of that particular burden, then they will rightfully take the Major Sponsor positions and be welcomed like heroes, as such munificence deserves.

The blurb below gives you my thoughts on the value of and opportunities for the right sponsor(s).

sponsorship page

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