Help Spread the Word!

The more people know about and get behind this crusade to stamp out drugs, the more effective it becomes. If you feel you would like to help in a small way or a big way to make it known, I’ve prepared some simple tools you can use:

POSTER: you can download and print off an A4 size Walk the Kingdom poster

LEAFLETS: you can download, print off and give out an A5 size Walk the Kingdom leaflet

EMAIL: download a sample text that you can email to your friends and contacts to introduce them to this project. Or you can use the text as the basis of a letter.

PRESS RELEASE: download a sample text for a press release that you can send yo your local media.

BRIEFING PACK: I’ve put together a briefing pack you can attach to your emails.

Like the Walk the Kingdom Facebook page and share my posts.

Connect up with me via my new Twitter page and retweet my tweets

And THANK YOU. I really appreciate your help

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