Today completed 10 weeks on the road. Feels like I’ve been at it for years rather than a few weeks. I said a reluctant farewell to Edinburgh, a fine city I have come to like very much and walked about 13 miles to North Queensferry right by the Bridge on the northern bank of the Firth. This brings my total miles up to 1015.

It seemed fitting that the completion of 10 weeks should be marked by crossing the Firth of Forth on that engineering marvel the Forth Road Bridge. It really is an impressive and awe-inspiring structure and another testament to human ingenuity, resolve and endeavour.

It was a straightforward walk, although the Bridge is so vast it seemed like I spent most of the day just walking across it. The weather was unseasonably cool for July, a little breezy and threatens rain for most of the day without actually delivering on the threat.

At about 12:30 I did a live interview from the road via my mobile with Meridian FM. I think it went well. Hope some of you heard it.

Fascinating to think that the last time I walked across the bridge was in 1965 when I was 13 years old and the bridge was a year old. Fifty years later I walked it again today, while off to my left the new bridge is under construction to a revolutionary new design…/for…/about-frc-project

Tonight I am staying with my good friend Gavin Foster in North Queensferry in Fife on the north bank of the Firth and a stone’s throw from The Bridge’s majestic spans. Gavin is a very fine musician and you can check out his music here

So thank you Gavin for putting me up. Your hospitality has spared me another night of feeling sorry for myself in a tent.

My target for tomorrow is Kircaldy.

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