The Wear Bridge at Sunderland.


Well for once I can’t complain about the weather, it being a generally fine day – although the humidity made walking an effort at times. I’d like to think that hot weather is something I am going to have to acclimatise to. Or am I being over-optimistic?

The walk today was a routine one. Only about 15 miles and quite straightforward, except for some long hills to climb. At least it was pavement all the way and no traffic to engage in unarmed combat.

I crossed the Tyne by ferry around lunchtime and continued along the northern bank of the Tyne through Tynemouth and then on up to Whitley Bay.

At a village called Horden, I had a very pleasant conversation with shopkeepers Mr and Mrs Jagpal. Mr Jagpal has himself done great work in his community on underage smoking and drinking and was very supportive of our campaign. He gave me the drink I had stopped off the buy, free of charge, which is highly appreciated. Very nice to have met you Mr and Mrs Jagpal!

Whitley Bay is a very pleasant seaside resort and, the day being a sunny one, full of holidaymakers and day trippers. This is the first time I have seen a beach that was full of people rather than deserted. I can imagine that in the height of the season, Whitley Bay will be bursting at the seams with Brits hungry for the sun and the sea air.

I am staying at the Metropolitan Guest House which is on The Esplanade, about fifty yards from the sea front in one direction and the twin centre in the other. It’s owners have donated a night’s accommodation and one of their award-winning breakfasts and their generosity is very much appreciated.

I had a very restful night in a very smart and peaceful guest house and given that it rained in the night it is about a million percent better than camping so I am very very grateful.

My target for Day 59 will be Cresswell where some very kind supporters have offered to put me up. I’ll be sad to leave The Metropolitan and Whitley bay, both of which I like very much, but I’m looking forward to Cresswell.

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