Day 56 report – Short walk of 10 miles

This was a short walk of only 10 miles. Feeling better after my rest day but decided to build the distances back up gradually.

It was a pleasant, uneventful walk through Hartlepool and on up the coast of County Durham on a day that felt close and humid.

Hartlepool was a surprise. It turned out to be a much nicer town than I was expecting and nowhere near as heavily industrialised as I had imagined. In the town you can see evidence of a striving that is typical of much of the country: to achieve a tolerable balance and harmony between the impact of industry, the practical needs of the environment and the aesthetic and biological needs of human beings; between the demands of the present and our historical and cultural roots; between the exigencies of the present and long-term survival concepts of responsible husbandry. Greed is not the driving force of humankind. The driving force is the effort to do the right thing and achieve long-term survival. And what I see is far more success in that regard than failure.

So I reached Blackhall Colliery – as the name suggests, an old mining town rooted in the Age of Coal – in good time. Even after yesterday’s rest I was still feeling the effects somewhat of the past two months and was glad of the hospitality of the Chimneys Hotel on the northern edge of the town. The Chimneys is a fine hotel and I was given a very pleasant room with ensuite and left alone to rest up. I’m very grateful for the help and hospitality of the Chimneys management whose generosity is very much appreciated. Once again I encounter kindness in abundance.

Day 56 completes 8 weeks on the road, and 860 miles walked!

A good rest tonight and I will be up for a longer day tomorrow when my target will be to reach Sunderland. A quick look at the map tells me that I am but a few days away from Scotland if I can quickly get my walking back to the 20 miles a day range.

Well, we’ll see what day 57 brings!

 Chimneys Hotel in Blackhall Colliery.

Saying a reluctant goodbye to Anne Telford, owner of the Chimneys Hotel in Blackhall Colliery. Thank you so much Anne! Fond memories!




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