Day 51: Whitby via the Moors and the old Rail Track

I said goodbye to Tony Hewitt at the Harmony Lodge and moved on northwards through Staintondale where I had a very pleasant chat with a gentleman named Phil and whom I promised I would say “hi” to in this post. So, HI PHIL, nice to have met you!

From Staintondale I trudged the long climb up through the North Yorkshire Moors to Ravenscar. It rained. A lot. I think God was having His little joke, waiting until I was right up there on the Moors before unleashing the deluge. So cheers for that, God.

In His wisdom He also unleashed a mist so the pics I would have taken from up there at Ravenscar never got taken. Never mind, the mist had cleared and the rain eased by the time I got to Robin Hood Bay.

After that it was a looooong hike along the route of the old rail line that runs from Scarborough to Whitby. It is now an interminable cinder track great for cyclists and walkers but mile after mile of it can weigh heavy after a while, especially when accompanied by incessant rain.

But I reached my target, Whitby, in reasonable time and am being given great hospitality by the Kimberley Guest House on Havelock Place. The Kimberley is a smart and busy B and B right in the town centre and close to the seafront and the harbour. It is run with a smile and much energy by Rachel Bailey. The kindness and support of very good people seems to be par for the course on this adventure, for here it is again! It is difficult to put into words how much I appreciate this support for what I am trying to do.

The Kimberley is highly recommended for anyone visiting Whitby, which is a bustling town with lots of character and history. I will put a link to their website in an accompanying post.

When I leave Whitby I will head ever northwards to my next target, Saltburn. I have done, I estimate, about 850 miles now so I should reach 1000 this week. And it won’t be long before I reach Scotland!

See you on the road!

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