Dayton Bay. I sat on the cliff top telling my son Liam about this view on my mobile

Day 50: Scarborough, Burniston and Tony Hewitt MBE

This was not quite the rest day I had hoped for as the walk from Filey to Scarborough and then Burniston, where I stayed the night, was a tougher one than I had anticipated.

I walked mainly along the Cleveland coastal trail, a rough track that snakes along the cliff edges from Filey almost the whole way to Scarborough. It can be a somewhat nerve-wracking walk along the cliffs if, like me, you have no head for heights and are carrying a rucksack that acts like a sail to catch the wind. Fortunately, it was not, for once, a windy day otherwise I would have taken the road and spent a day playing matador to the oncoming traffic.

A navigational error on my part added a few unnecessary miles but eventually I made it to Burniston and the Harmony Country Lodge, whose owners Tony Hewitt MBE and his wife Sue very kindly donated a night’s B and B. I had a comfortable stay in a lovely house with very kind and likeable hosts and I thank Tony and Sue sincerely for their kindness and hospitality.

Tony is quite famous in the sporting world, having won the 1987, 1988 and 1989 World Sidecar Championship with Steve Webster. You can find Tony in action on YouTube. Tony and Steve were honoured by the Queen with an MBE for their services to sport.

The Harmony Lodge is also a Church and Spiritual Healing sanctuary and is officially registered as a place of worship and also for the solemnisation of marriage. Tony and Sue are both Senior Principal Ministers of the International Church of St Paul and have a regular healing clinic open to the public.

This is a very peaceful and spiritual place with majestic views of the countryside and the sea and I feel very privileged to have stayed here.

So that’s Day 50, a tough day that nevertheless ended well. For Day 51, my target is Whitby. My boots have just about worn through so I hope they will get me there. See you on the road!

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