Can't recall what village this was, maybe Bempton

Day 49: Filey, 7 weeks and 800 miles

From Bridlington in East Yorkshire to Filey in North Yorkshire

Day 49 marked the completion of 7 weeks and 800 miles on the road. I”m now about 2 weeks away from Scotland and the 1000 mile mark. Day 49 was a rest day so I did a short walk of about 12 miles from Bridlington to lovely Filey.

It was a pleasant walk under an overcast sky that threatened rain sufficiently for me to wear my waterproofs all day but never in the end delivered on its threat. My route took me through quiet, pretty villages such as Bempton, Buckton, Speeton and Reighton strung out across the Yorkshire Wolds, with the land climbing steadily northwards.

Somewhere around Speeton I passed a pub that declared it’s welcome for cyclists competing in something called the “Tour de Yorkshire” but which displayed somewhat contradictorily a sign banning the wearing of Lycra.

Shortly after that I met a cyclist headed in the same direction as me with whom I had a pleasant conversation and who gave me a tip on a short cut Ito Filey that would save me a bit of time. The tip worked, so as promised here is a hello and thanks you to MICK CALLAGHAN. Nice to have met you!

I reached Filey around 6pm, tired despite the shortness of the day’s walk, just wishing that God would sort out the weather a bit so I don’t have to walk all day overdressed like a stray from Captain Scott’s Antarctic expedition. And summer is but a few days away, hint, hint . . .

I’d like to be able to say that the walking gets easier with time and it probably does to some degree in that I seem to bounce back overnight from the previous day’s exertions much better with less stiffness and fewer aches and pains and physically I seem to be standing up to the unaccustomed effort quite well. Yet each day remains an ordeal that tests my endurance and persistence and forces me to dig deep to find personal resources I did not know I had.

And I miss my home, family and friends terribly, albeit it has been an honour and a privilege to have met so many fantastic people on my journey. The overriding thing I have discovered is that the world is jam-packed FULL of people of good will. I mean utterly bursting at the seams with good people.

The media, for reasons best known perhaps to the people who devise its policies, works hard to convince us otherwise, of how bad, sad, beastly or ignoble a species we are: by highlighting the worst exceptions to the general decency of Man, to engender in us a low opinion of ourselves and our fellows. Well, I have seen enough to know that that fake picture is a fabrication and a lie.

The end of Day 49 brought me to the ESMAE GUEST HOUSE in Rutland Street Filey. Proprietors Howard and Elaine have been overwhelmingly kind and supportive. The guest house is in a quiet street a few yards from the sea front and is freshly and beautifully refurbished and redecorated. I stayed in a delightful room with ensuite, was treated to a lovely dinner (with Howard’s delicious home made sponge cake for dessert!) and enjoyed a delicious, hearty breakfast and great company and conversation. Such superb generosity and hospitality!!! It sure set me up well for today’s walk to Scarborough!

So thank you Howard and Elaine! It has been an absolute joy! Here is the Esmae’s website if you are looking for the perfect guest house in Filey.

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