Sunrise over the North Sea 6am, near Atwick

Day 48: Bridlington and Victoria House to the Rescue!

The walk to Bridlington was a largely pleasant and very uneventful one. There was a particularly nice final section along the beach from Barmston. The weather was reasonable for walking although a little more sunshine would not have gone amiss. Late in the day, as has so often happened of late, the weather cheered up. Late in the day and made a very pleasant evening.

Although the walk was straightforward I was tired and lethargic and it felt like harder work than it should have. I arrived in Bridlington feeling inordinately exhausted. I think this was the legacy of a succession of long days comprising ten to twelve hours of relentless walking and a rest day being due, compounded by a bad night’s (hah!) sleep in communion with, if not nature then at least some of its more cringeworthy representatives.

I arrived in Bridlington mid-afternoon, having started my day’s walk at 5am and covered the 15 miles at roughly the same speed as the slugs that invaded my camp last night.

I am VERY glad to report that I did not have to camp out on Day 48. Paul and Jane of VICTORIA HOUSE, a great guest house on Victoria Road, Bridlington, came to my rescue and gave me a really nice room and very hearty Full Yorkshire breakfast. Not only that they made me a packed lunch to take with me today. The kindness and generous support of people like Paul and Jane continues to provide the heartwarming highlights of what is turning out to be a very tough and exhausting challenge.

Within a couple of weeks I should reach Scotland and a little later, Edinburgh, which will comprise for all intents and purposes, the 1000 mile mark. But I do not think I would have reached the 800 miles I have done this far if it were not for such support.

I can recommend Victoria House to anyone wanting a comfortable stay and great breakfast in a pleasant and friendly house run by two caring people. Please check out their website at
So that is day 48. Tomorrow Day 49 will complete seven weeks and 800 miles on the road. I will walk to Filey, which is only about 10 miles, then on Day 50 the 7 miles to Scarborough making the two short days a much needed rest duty.

See you on the road!

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