Day 44 report

By my calculations as of yesterday I have walked 750 miles, which is roughly the distance from London to Madrid. In about two weeks time I should hit the 1000 mile mark!

Anyway, saying goodbye to the lovely Ashbourne hotel with a big THANK YOU for their support and donation of a night’s B and B. Aiming for the Humber Bridge today and Yorkshire on the north side of the river.

Should be doing a radio show between 4 and 5 pm this afternoon so listen in to the Urban Warrior Show on Salford City radio

Hope the weather is a bit kinder today. Lest we forget the reason why I am doing all this, my purpose is to raise funds for the Drug Free Kids campaign and the educational route to a drug free future for our children and our world. Please check out my website and make a donation or check out the Drug Free Kids website at

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