View from Duckthorpe Grange

Day 43 to Grainthorpe – 12 June 2015

Today I walked from Mablethorpe to Grainthorpe without mishap. This was a relatively short walk of 15 miles or so. The main difficulty was the usual wrestling with the traffic as I decided to follow the A1031 virtually the whole way.

Around 10am, somewhere north of Mablethoroe, I did an interview with a very nice reporter from the Lincolnshire Echo, the biggest newspaper in Lincolnshire, on my mobile. Hopefully the article will appear in that newspaper shortly. I forgot to mention in yesterday’s report that I did an interview with, I think, the Skegness Standard just before leaving Skegness.

My main worry yesterday was the weather forecast which was for thunder and lightning storms and torrential rain. Now, this part of Lincolnshire is still pretty flat and open to the elements so I figured I did not really want to be walking across it if and when the lightening and torrential rain started, so I had some anxiety about finding either a B and B or a place to make camp before the storm started.

The thing about making camp is that you really want to do it BEFORE it starts raining so that the inside of your tent doesn’t get wet. Then, if like me you are in a one-man bivouac, you kind of just lie there and wait for the rain to stop, or dawn or preferably both. It can be very boring but at least one is dry and bored as opposed to wet and bored, which one will be if that tent isn’t up before the rain starts.

The other worry was lightening. Lightning usually does not bother me but when I am walking across landscape so flat that my head is the highest point for miles around, it sure does.

I’ve been told that carrying a potato proofs one against being struck by lightening. I’m not sure what the scientific proof behind that datum is but figure it must be true because when was the last time one heard about a potato plant being struck by lightening? Never, right? So carrying a spud is a safe bet lightening-wise.

But if I have to choose between the risk of getting hit by lightening or walking across Lincolnshire in full view of passing motorists with a potato strapped to my head, I will take my chances with the lightening, thank you very much.

Anyway, I was spared the whole gamut of multiple-choice calamities when the Duckthorpe Grange B and B near Grainthorpe stepped in with the offer of a night’s accommodation. It was right near where I happened to be, trudging along the main road through Grainthorpe. So a couple of miles and less than an hour later I was home and dry and spared a miserable night huddled in my tent with the rain lashing on the canvass while I cowered behind a large potato.

Actually, talk about things turning out the opposite of what one might reasonably expect, I had a very comfortable night indeed in a very smart and friendly B and B. Duckthorpe Grange is not only splendidly situated far from annoyances such as towns but is splendidly run by very warm proprietors, Pauline and David. In fact Pauline even made me a dinner when I arrived looking no so much like something the cat dragged in as something mauled by a tiger after being dragged through a hedge by a garbage truck and had been unable to find a shop at which to buy some grub. Then I was given breakfast in the morning – with REAL Lincolnshire sausages and gorgeous home-made marmalade – that really set me up for Day 44.

I can’t thank Pauline and David enough for their kindness in coming to the rescue and looking after me and turning what could have bee a very grim night into the very opposite.

And Duckthorpe Grange really is a top notch B and B if you are looking for somewhere special to stay. Here is their website

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