Me leaving the Lochiel Guest House in Boston

Day 41- 25 miles to Skegness

Another very good day today. I left Boston at a reasonable time and hit the road for Skegness.

Skegness is about 25 miles from Boston so this was destined, if I was going to meet my target, to be my longest single day’s walk yet. Could I do it?

I decided to take the “A” roads as the most direct route with the least likelihood of taking a wrong turn and adding unnecessary miles. So much of the day was spent struggling along busy roads with no pavement, dodging trucks and cars, a jolly sport at which I am becoming quite expert.

There was one cross-country stretch along long, straight “B” roads that snaked across the flat infinitely huge terrain like the white lines in a tartan rug and this stage was a relatively pleasant, albeit footsore, interlude.

It was during this stage, as the empty road seemed to go on forever, my backpack weighed increasingly heavily on my shoulders, my knees and the arches of my feet and I was feeling the pressure of the months of walking ahead of me that a red car pulled up alongside me. In the car were three young men.

They had obviously seen me struggled across the empty landscape like a snail with its home on its back and asked if I needed a lift.

When I explained to them what I was doing and why I had to walk and decline all offers of lifts, they dug in their pockets and gave me a donation.

It is moments like these, these spontaneous acts of kindness that make my day, lift my spirits and make the endless ordeal worthwhile. I regret not getting their names but if they are reading this, a big THANK YOU not just for the donation but for putting a spring in my step that made the day run better.

In fact I did make my target, reaching Skegness around 8pm after walking for roughly 11 hours. The last few miles were tough and by the end of it I was pretty done in.

So I was very grateful that Tony of the Beeston Lodge Guest house in Drummond Road, Skegness had offered me a place to stay. The Beeston is a very comfortable and friendly guest house with an amazingly cool 1960s-themed bar that is tremendous fun. It is highly recommended if you are in Skegness. Please check out their website at

I slept pretty damn well that night.

The Beeston Lodge hotel has a totally cool 1960s theme bar. I couldn’t resist taking lots of photos.

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