Day 40. Holland!

40 days and 40 nights on the road! It is getting very Biblical!

And. I have arrived in Holland! There is a dike right outside my guest house and a windmill! All classic Holland.

Not Holland the country of course, in case you were wondering. There is a geographical area in the south and east of Lincolnshire known as Holland. This is because it is similar to Holland in its geography, dikes, windmills and so forth and because it was settled by Dutch Heugenots in (I think) the eighteenth century who were fleeing one of the frequent oppressions that comprise a well-known traditional hobby among the humanoids of Planet Earth.

Anyway, I had a better time of it than the Heugenots probably did, although I doubt that the Heugenots had to plod for mile after mile along the verge of the A17.

This was another good day. I made excellent time covering the 18 miles or so from Holbeach to Boston and, for once, arrived at my destination relatively early.

I decided to walk along the A17 and A16. These are not exactly the scenic routes and involve the usual dodging cars and trucks that whoosh by at speeds just short of the sound barrier but the alternatives were several miles longer and involved the very real risk of navigation errors that could add more miles still. And I’m s bit fed up with add unnecessary miles to my walk so I am becoming more cagey with experience.

Looks like I made the right decision. There were no problems and at least the traffic is not quite so thick as it is in the South East.

Boston is a nice looking, surprisingly large and bustling market town and sea port. Here is the town’s official website

I am staying at the Lochiel Guest House on the banks of the aforementioned canal and just down the road from the aforementioned windmill. This is a quiet, comfortable and homely guest house and I have been given a very nice single room.

I would like to sincerely thank the proprietors, Mr and Mrs Lynch for their generosity and support in kindly donating my night’s stay and breakfast. It is very much appreciated.

I highly recommend that you try the Lochiel if you are staying in Boston and please check out their website.

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