day 39 – Lincolnshire!


After a weekend’s rest and a great time spent with my wife who travelled up by train to join me in Kings Lynn, I started walking again and headed for Holbeach in Lincolnshire.

I crossed the Ouse by ferry and walked through villages with really cool names such as Clenchwarton and Walpole Cross Keys and on through Sutton Bridge and Long Sutton to my destination.

Within a few miles, as I entered the county of Lincolnshire, the landscape changed abruptly.

The land here is so flat, with not so much as a mole hill or grassy knoll to be seen from horizon to horizon, one imagines it had been laid down with the aid of a celestial trowel and spirit level.

The roads are quiet and run straight and true for mile after mile as if engineered by some Roman Highways Department and waiting in readiness for the swift march of legions.

And the billiard-table landscape lies under a huge sky across which the clouds canter like white chariot horses spurred by a stiff breeze.

The sense of vast space is quite exhilarating. On might expect that all that cavernous vastness would make one feel as tiny as an ant drawing across a banquet hall tablecloth, yet in truth the spirit seems to expand to fill the space.

The land is a walker’s paradise on account of the absence of hills (hooray!!!) and roads without bends along which you can see the occasional car approaching about ten minutes before it reaches you. So I had a good day walking across it: little tiredness and no nerve-wracking near-death experiences with delivery trucks.

Somewhere between Walpole Cross Keys and Sutton Bridge, whilst walking along a long stretch of empty road in the middle of nowhere, I passed a solitary house sitting by the roadside like a little house on a prairie and struck up a conversation with a gentleman named Tony, who happened to be at his gate as I trudged by.

Tony invited me in for a cuppa and we passed a very enjoyable hour chewing the fat. Tony is a very good man and I was very pleased to have met him. Interludes such as that are the perks of this endeavour and I truly appreciate and value them.

So, hi Tony! And thank you for a very pleasant conversation. I am pleased to have met you!

Unfortunately I had to go as I had to reach Holbeach where my good friend Jean Clark has found me accommodation. And reach Holbeach I did, around 8pm.

I am staying at the Mansion House Hotel on Holbeach High Strreet, whose owner Richard Rickerby very generously donated a night’s accommodation. The help, support and friendly welcome are highly appreciated, especially as the accommodation is first class.

This really is a very good hotel and I strongly recommend that you visit and check it out!

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