The splendid Dukes Head Hotel, Kings Lynn

Day 36 an easier day

A much easier day today. I only had about 14 miles to do to reach my destination, Kings Lynn. Even so I still managed to take about 7 hours to get there. Factoring in rest stops, my speed always seems to average out at two miles an hour over the whole journey. So yesterday,s time seems pretty consistent.

For a few days I had been feeling tired and sluggish with great difficulty working up any kind of a pace. I began to think I was ill or suffering from exhaustion. But then I realised that regardless of the weather, walking these distances over various terrains, one sweats. And swearing, one loses salt and potassium. So I took salt and potassium tablets and that handled the problem. Sometimes the solutions are so simple and one needs to be wary of getting into all manner of needless complexity.

As for today’s walk much of it was along a busy A road with no pavement so it was the usual story of dodging traffic and so forth. but then by chance I found a section of the National Cycle Route that took me directly into the town centre of Kings Lynn.

So no traffic, no navigation challenges and what turned out to be s very pleasant walk through stunning countryside.

I am going to have to be smarter planning my day because the assumption that I could rely on there being a shop in the next village at which to buy water and food is erroneous. So many villages have no shops in them so when, as happened on Day 36, I ran out of water and food , I passed through one village after another with nowhere to buy supplies.

In the end, I found a tea room in a lovely village called Castle Rising and ordered s bottle of mi real water and, as they only did cake, a slice of Walnut cake. It was a terrible sacrifice being forced to eat cake but fate had left me with little choice – but I went for the walnut cake because it at least had walnuts in it and some small measure of nutrition.

Anyway, I will have to start carrying emergency rations and extra water even though it adds to the weight of my backpack – every litre of water adds a kilo.

I took a picture of myself in North Wootton which is quite a remarkable village in that it DOES have a shop in it and a good old Tesco Express at that! – and is thus worthy of note.

It is very interesting in that if you ask a local if there is a shop in their village, the usual reply is a rather sad “no” followed by a somewhat brighter “but there is a pub!. There is something not working right with the economy when community after community is able to sustain a simple basic such as a shop where locals and passers-through such as myself can buy essential provisions such as food, water and tobacco. Yet there is ALWAYS a pub!

If I owned a pub in o e of these villages I would seriously look at extending my role as the heart of a British community by using a spare room, building or shed to set up a shop that sells essentials such as bread, milk, eggs, cigs and so on. It would strengthen the pub’s role at the core of the community, make a bit of extra dosh and attract more people. Just a thought.

And here is another thought. I am on a sort of roll now so far as having actual thoughts is concerned. The thought is this:

I have first hand experience at how much wind there is by a busy road such as an A road or motorway. They tend to be naturally windy places but add to that the massive permanent draught created day in and day out by passing cars, buses and juggernauts. There is an awful lot of unharnessed energy there. Might be a good idea to put strings of small wind turbines all down the central reservations and by the roadsides to harness all that wasted energy.

Moving swiftly along, I am pleased to tell you that I am now enjoying the hospitality of the Dukes Head Hotel at the centre of Kings Lynn. And what a wonderful hotel it is! It is very posh but friendly. The rooms and staff are great and the breakfast is superb. I am very lucky to be staying here. I would sincerely like to thank Chris Holden and his staff for donating a night’s free B and B to Walk the Kingdom and of course through that to the campaign for Drug Free Kids, with all that implies for the future of our children ad our country. And. I have no hesitation in recommending the Dukes Head Hotel if you are looking for somewhere superb to stay whilst in Kings Lynn:

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