Day 35 Norfolk

Well, that’s five weeks on the road and over 600 miles done!

Today was a gruelling day that nevertheless ended well. I had to walk 19 miles from Wells next the Sea to Heacham but decided to take the coastal path, then the beach and wound up on a route that, whilst pretty, added about five miles and several hours to my journey.

So in the end I walked about 24 miles to progress 19, saw some stunning scenery but was too knackered to enjoy it!

I have to say that the North Norfolk coast is absolutely gorgeous. It has miles of unspoilt beaches, one pretty village after another, a lush and varied hinterland, windmills, castles, country lanes, country walks, thatched roofs and so on and so forth. I have been so impressed, the wife and I are already planning to come here for a holiday once this trek is over. Maybe then I will get a chance to savour the area rather than merely trudge through it forever hurrying forward to my next destination.

The only down side of the area is that so many villages do not have a single shop in them. So much for my original idea of simply buying food and water as I need it as I pass through a village.

Sometimes one can walk for many hours without encountering a single village store and it is not much fun when you are hungry or dehydrating because you have drunk all your water. Apparently the economics of the area has caused the village shop to vanish from the national landscape.

Of course you can always find a pub. There is never any shortage of pubs. Every village has at least one, even whilst it has no village shop.

Ditto places where you can find laminate flooring for some peculiar reason. So you may not be able to re-stock on food or water but if you are in urgent need of a pint of lager or some laminate flooring, you have no need to worry.

Anyway, the day ended well. I reached Heacham and have been given great hospitality, good conversation and a comfortable night in their home by Dave and Diana Gough. Dave has done plenty of fundraisers in his time for various charities, including trekking the Andes and wing walking!

Coincidentally, when I mentioned that I wouldn’t mind taking a holiday in the area, it turned out that Diana and Dave own a holiday caravan nearby on the beautiful North Norfolk coast! It looks like a very very nice 6 berth caravan, so that’s a distinct possibility!

Hopefully I’ve done this part of the country justice in my posts and pics and some of you will seriously consider taking a holiday here. If so, then consider renting the Goughs’ gorgeous caravan. You can find all the details and pics you need here: You can email Diana at

Anyway, a very big and heartfelt THANK YOU to Dave and Diana and thanks for making a rough day end so well!

Just a reminder, to please make a donation to the campaign for Drug Free Kids, at as doing my utmost to help this campaign is my sole purpose for undertaking this arduous challenge. You can also help us spread this message, so vital for the futures of our children, amongst your friends and social media contacts. To get the full scoop on what the Drug Free Kids campaign is about and why it is so important, please also visit my website.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention. I did another radio slot today (that’s FOUR in a week!) This time it was with Meridian FM, live via my mobile from atop a sand dune somewhere near Burnham. II think it went okay. If anyone has a link to a recording of the show, please post it on my wall.

Day 36 and Kings Lynn here I come!


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