Great Yarmouth

day 30 report

Day 30 already! How time flies!

So I bid a fond farewell to Julie and her mum at the Old Rectory in Kessingland and headed North.

My first port of call was Lloyds bank in Lowestoft to arrange for a new bank card. My current one is starting to split in half and as I rely on it for buying food I thought I had better sort it out before I end up begging in the streets, which would be taking the whole on-the-road thing a tad too far for my liking. That done, I then bought a new pair of boots and a new rucksack as my current boots have worn through already and my rucksack was falling apart.

I hope the replacements last longer than their predecessors. Mentioning no names, I have to say I was disappointed with the inability of purported hiking equipment to stand up to the rigours of actually being used for hiking. Call me old fashioned but when I buy hiking boots I expect to be able to actually hike in them for more than a few weeks before they lose the will to live and as for rucksacks, well it might be a good idea for the manufacturers to make one that you can actually carry things in for a while before they unravel.

So we’ll see how the new gear stands up to the unfair test of being asked to fulfil its purported purpose. But for now, the shoes are comfortable (and came with two free pairs of hiking socks that I’m hoping won’t object to being used for hiking) and the rucksack hasn’t split and deposited my underwear and shaving gear into the nearest river estuary, so I’m moving forward – forward in this case being a northerly direction.

I left Lowestoft and followed the coastal paths and sea shore, a for the most part lovely walk in intermittent sunshine and cloud and the inevitable blustery wind, until I reached Great Yarmouth, which is in the county of Norfolk.

Great Yarmouth is a lovely town with a long maritime tradition, great ships in the harbour and a strong sense of its own identity.

I am being shown great hospitality by the Trevross guest house. Its manager, Anna, is a lovely and very supportive lady who has shown me great kindness. She has even undertaken to do my long and insalubriously overdue laundry for me. This is not a task for the faint-hearted so as well as being kind she is also incredibly brave. Come to think of it, I think maybe the presence of my dirty laundry may have had something to do with my previous rucksack losing the will to live.

As ever, meeting Anna reminds me that this Walk is something of a privilege as through it I get to meet some fantastic people.

In the evening I managed to stay awake long enough to record the weekly radio show for the Liberty Beacon with Pete Dwan and host Roger Landry. This should be online in the next few days.

You can find Anna and the Trevross here:

Now for a good night’s sleep. Another 20 miles beckons tomorrow.

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