Next item on my shopping list

This Starlight one-man tent is ideal for the purposes of this project. The tent is available on a special offer and I can get it for an incredible £64 so hoping to raise the funds while the offer is available. Here’s the link to view the product

Have Backpack, Will Travel

So I’ve now purchased my back-pack for the journey with donations received. Managed to get a super deal from Milletts so I am very pleased. Have done 2 training walks with the back pack laden to 10 kilos. These went well with no ill effects from carrying the weight: 14 miles first day, 16 miles second continue…

Good will from Switzerland

A lovely gift! Well, it seems that we are getting help from well beyond the UK! A good friend and well-wisher in Switzerland has just sent me the gift of a gorgeous real-deal Swiss Army knife to use in my trek around the British coast!


I would just like to thank Natalie Milsom for her very kind donation to Walk the Kingdom and the crusade to stamp out drugs. It is very much appreciated.

Good news!

One of my all-time favourite artists has very generously offered to auction some of her gorgeous paintings to raise funds for Walk the Kingdom and the crusade to stamp out drugs in the UK. With the priceless help of our friends we are in the process of arranging the venue, which will be at the continue…

Newspaper article

Article from my column in The Sussex Newspaper Feb 7th 2015

On the Radio 9th Feb 2015

I was on Pete Dwan’s “The Urban Warrior Show” on Salford City Radio 94.4 FM this evening talking with Pete about Walk the Kingdom. My slot was about 15 minutes into the show. Listen to a recording here: I think these “listen again” items are available for about 1 month.

Wish List

Aside from financial sponsorship and donations I would also welcome help in the form of donations in kind, such as equipment, accommodation and so forth. Here is my “Wish List” of needed items

Help Spread the Word!

The more people know about and get behind this crusade to stamp out drugs, the more effective it becomes. If you feel you would like to help in a small way or a big way to make it known, I’ve prepared some simple tools you can use: POSTER: you can download and print off an A4 size Walk continue…

Back from Detox all Shiny and New

As part of my preparation and getting myself in the best possible shape for my mega-hike, I’ve spent the past four weeks doing an incredibly powerful detox programme to flush drug residues and other toxins from my body, so if I seemed to have gone a bit quiet, that’s why. The experience of and the continue…

Training Update

Did a 13 mile training walk this morning with back pack. Having to do shorter walks due to other commitments so concentrating on building up stamina by power walking – and I even ran parts of the last mile (not easy with a back pack.) Stamina and fitness improving. Shaping up nicely. The walk included continue…


Warm thanks to the following people who have offered to put me up for the night when I reach their area: Kenny Henderson, Josie Morgan, Martin Budden and Russell Praine’s dad!

Engaging the nation. Part 1

Visit the Walk the Kingdom Facebook Page for more info about this crusade to stamp out drugs, or our website at

Follow WTK on Twitter

I’ve just set up a Twiiter account for Walk the Kingdom. Please check it out and follow it and re-tweet for news and updates, trials and tribulations, ups and downs, good days and bad days as this project develops and unfolds. It is here and you can also reach it by clicking the Twitter icon at the continue…

Walk the Kingdom update 16th Dec 2014

Good morning everyone! (or is it afternoon?) As this crusade develops and unfolds I want to try to keep you informed of the trials and tribulations along the way, the successes and setbacks, the ups and downs, the good the bad and the ugly. So to start with the ugly: I didnt tell too many continue…

Latest. 14th december 2014

Walk the Kingdom Update Managing to get in a practice walk most days of the week now. Still have a way to go to build up my strength and stamina so I can do 20 miles each and every day for over 200 days. The cold weather has reminded me that I don’t want to continue…

Breaking News

Walk The Kingdom is featured in The Sussex Newspaper Check it out!

Your Help Needed

One of the main features of the Walk the Kingdom project – and which I believe will make it a first for this kind of fundraising adventure – is this: I will take a computer tablet with me. The computer tablet will enable me to take pictures and make short video reports at least once continue…

More testimonials

Why am i raising funds for Pete Dwan? Check out these testimonials – more satisfied teachers from today’s school talks.

Your help needed

As part of promoting this mega-project I’m going to need Walk The Kingdom T-shirts or polo-style shirts that I can wear on the walk and which supporters can buy and wear, with the profit on each sale going to the charity. I can provide the design. So I need to find printer who can help continue…

This is going to be HUGE

The launch date has now been set for 1st May 2015 and the place where I will start and finish my crusade, my home town of East Grinstead in West Sussex. The website has been updated with new info added. Apart from the good it will do for the children of our country, this is continue…


Walk the Kingdom. Our nationwide crusade offers a tremendous public relations opportunity for the right sponsor. Find out more at

Website Update

I’ve updated the website with new data as this project evolves. This includes a more specific itinerary of the towns and villages I will pass through on my route (took me a cou[ple of weeks to work it out): a more accurate assessment of how long it will take (at least seven months if everything continue…

Training Update

Did a training walk last Sunday. East Grinstead to Oxted and back. carried a back pack for the first time. Only ill effects were very sore feet frr a couple of days. But the i discovered my walking boots seep water – the resuklt of using cheap boots. Will have to pereseve with cheap boorts continue…


This Saturday I did a 21 mile walk. From East Grinstead north to the Mormon Temple, then east to Lingfield; through Lingfield, past the racecourse; up St Piers Lane past the Epilepsy centre, a few miles to Starbourough Lane, then left and a few miles to Haxted Mill; past Haxted Mill and on into Edenbridge, continue…

Needed and wanted

I will soon be producing little promotional video clips to promote Walk the Kingdom.  I am looking for a map of the UK to place as a back-drop to these clips. So if any kind soul has a poster or map of the UK they would like to donate, please email me at Thanks! continue…

Live on Air

I was the guest on The Urban Warrior Show, Salford City Radio, on Moday night. Talking about my walk next year of the entire British coast to raise funds fior drug education. Have a listen here

On the radio

Did my radio thingy this evening – The Urban Warrior Show, Salford City Radio. Talking about my walk next year of the entire British coast to raise funds fior drug education. Think it went okay. Have a listen here

Walk the Kingdom on Facebook

When this marathon walk takes place, it will be flanked by a promotional campaign to bring it to the attention of the media and get the whole country behind it as a community. For my part I will be keeping a video and photo journal updated daily to the Walk the Kingdom blog and Walk the continue…

On the radio again

Tomorrow 27th October 2014 I’ll be on Pete’s show talking about Walk the Kingdom ( I’m a bit nervous as this is only my second radio thingy so wish me luck!! You can listen in at

A Brief Mention for Porridge

A few weeks ago I changed by breakfast habits in order to get help get my blood pressure and cholesterol down. I now start the day on a bowl of porridge topped with honey and ground cinnamon. Not only is this very delicious I have noticed that of all the various breakfasts I have tried continue…

TRAINING UPDATE: Sunday 19th October 2014.

Did a 10.7 mile (17.22 km) walk today. For the first time able to do two days’ walking in a row with relatively little problem, although I decided not to overdo it and did about half the distance I did yesterday. It is becoming clear that anything can be accomplished if one approaches it on continue…


Poetry: The Man Who Killed England. When I walk the kingdom next year I’m going to spend a lot of the nights under the stars and several hundred days walking the coast roads. If that doesn’t inspire a man to poetry I don’t know what will. So I’m thinking of composing a new book of continue…

Saturday 11th Ocober 2014

Did a 21 mile training walk today. Managed to keep up a blistering pace (excuse the pun!) and average 4 mph. Not too tired at the end but my feet were blistered. Probably I’ll need better quality walking boots and need to toughen up the soles of my feet if  I am to be able to do continue…

With all due respect to the Scots . . .

With all due respect to the Scots and despite my sympathy for any nation that wants independence I was kind of relieved that the Scots voted to stay part of the United Kingdom. Otherwise I would have had to change the name of my Walk the Kingdom crusade to Walk the Former Kingdom or Walk continue…

BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Radio Lancashire

Live on BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Radio Lancashire – about my walk the Kingdom project. Listen at following link. My slot is 1 hour 22 minutes into the show. You can listen to the recording for 7 days from now.

Interview: BBC Radio Manchester

Whoopee doooo!! Just did my first radio interview: the Late Show on BBC Radio Manchester. promoting Walk The Kingdom. Think it went okay. Will post a recording of the show asap so you can have a listen (I know I will). Doing another interview on the Urban Warrior Show next Monday afternoon. Details to follow.

2nd radio mention

Salford City Radio. Click this link and go to 55 minutes 57 seconds into the show

First radio Interview

Got my first interview  – BBC radio Tuesday night 7th October. Details to be announced. Very nervous as this is not ussually my thing at all but gonna do it anyhow as the cause is worth it and facing things I’ve never done before and would normally back off from is part of the challenge continue…

First Radio Mention!

Whoopee do. Got my first mention on the radio. Salford City radio, 37 minutes 40 seconds into this show:

The Adventurer

I am very pleased to announce that this website is now playing host to a new magazine: The Adventurer. Look out for regular free articles here