About Me

pic2My name is Steve Cook. I am a granddad and 63 years of age.

I have been married for thirty years to a beautiful French lady called Dominique and we have three children and four grandchildren and l live in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

I am a writer and author of the novel Genghis Kant and other books.

I have, in the past, worked in drug rehabilitation and that experience has left me very committed to helping ensure children can avoid the scourge of drug experimentation and abuse and live drug-free lives.

I firmly believe that the Drug Free Kids campaign provides us with an effective strategy for stamping out drugs. It is extremely important for the futures of our communities and our children.

So far, as I write this update, I have walked about 1,000 miles and have 3,000 still to walk.

It has been very tough walking 20 miles or so every day, particularly at my age but given the purpose for which I have taken on this challenge – the drug free futures of our children – it is worth the effort and I intend to go on giving it everything I’ve got, come hell, snow, rain, sore feet or high water.

I think that there comes a time when a man has to walk tall and walk the walk for something he believes in.

Please help me make this effort worthwhile by making a donation. Believe me, your contribution will be very much appreciated.

And I’ll think of you and your kindness when I’m trudging through the rain in the Highlands of Scotland or some such thing.

It will keep me going.

Wish me luck!

Warmest regards,


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